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Peak Performance Life Podcast

May 4, 2021

Do you eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and still feel fatigued? You may be suffering from parasites or heavy metal toxicity. Sarah Holgen is a Functional Medicine Expert and Certified nutritionist who is sharing the power of root cause medicine with the world.


After healing herself of stage 3 melanoma through holistic means and without any chemotherapy, her eyes were opened to new possibilities. Years later she began suffering migraines and realized that there may be even more issues to address than she realized. 


She started digging deeper and realized that she was suffering from parasites and heavy metal toxicity. She then went on a journey to discover ways to heal her body from those issues as well. Now she’s sharing her knowledge with the world and bringing awareness to these expanded health issues. 


Listen as she shares her story and ways you can get started on your path to finding the root cause of your fatigue and fogginess. Some of this information was brand new to me so I know that you’ll learn something new!


In This Episode:

[00:15] Sarah Holgen is joining me to chat about all kinds of health issues faced by high performers and those who suffer from heavy metal toxicity. 

[03:29] Welcome Sarah to the show and learn more about her story.

[05:20] After she beat a very serious cancer holistically, her eyes were opened and she dug deeper.

[06:43] Then she started suffering from migraines and she got to the root cause of them. 

[09:51] Why would you run a parasite cleanse and where do you contract parasites? 

[13:05] Where can parasites be found in the body? 

[13:47] How do we contract parasites? 

[15:29] Her thoughts on sushi because of the risk of parasites and heavy metals.

[18:05] When you do a parasite cleanse you can actually see them as they pass through your stool. 

[19:12] What does a parasite cleanse look like? 

[24:04] Sarah shares her advice for eating a better diet to reduce overall inflammation. 

[30:08] We are all unique. Even the “good” foods can make you feel terrible. Just pay attention to your body.

[34:22] What are the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity? 

[35:48] Her preferred method of removing toxic water from your diet. 

[37:24] How to get distilled water at home? 

[41:31] Ways to test for heavy metal toxicity.

[43:29] Does she work with clients remotely to diagnose heavy metal toxicity?

[45:07] An incredibly helpful acronym to remember which fishes you can safely eat. SMASH!

[47:30] What does she do with her clients when they’re suffering from heavy metal toxicity? 

[50:20] Who is more at risk for mold exposure and toxicity? 

[54:42] Connect with Sarah.


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