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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

The power of breath is well documented but not widely understood. Francesca Sipma is a breathwork and hypnotherapy expert who helps others clear subconscious blocks to find their clarity and purpose. Listen as we discuss the foundations of breathwork and how it can be applied in all aspects of your life. 


Many people get caught up thinking that they can’t do breathwork because they don’t know how to meditate, but they aren’t the same thing. Your breathwork acumen precedes the ability to meditate. You don’t need to quiet your mind to realize the effects of targeted breathwork. 


Francesca uses breathwork practices prior to doing any and all of her tasks. In fact, she plans her days, her classes, her projects, and her life while practicing breathwork and finds that her planning almost does itself. All the pieces seem to naturally fall into the right time and place. 


For so many people the problem that they face is being blocked from their creativity. Francesca helps you to unlock your creativity by dealing with the psychological blocks created as far back as childhood. Through hypnotherapy and breathwork, you realize a more productive state of being and life. 


Listen in to learn all about the different ways you can start implementing breathwork into your routine today. You have the time. This work does not take long. Francesca shares how you can slowly start making breathwork practices a part of your routine. Trust me, you won’t ever go back once you realize the beauty that is breathwork.


In This Episode:

[00:00:16] Welcome back and get ready to dig deep into your mindset. 

[00:01:27] Learn more about Francesca and her work. 

[00:05:02] Where is Francesca from and where is she living now? 

[00:07:16] Does she have any superpowers? 

[00:08:21] Is she currently fascinated with anything? 

[00:10:11] Are there any common factors that she sees in her clients? 

[00:12:46] Where should you start when diving into this work? 

[00:16:00] Why Francesca is a breathwork teacher not a meditation teacher. 

[00:19:20] Learn about the different kinds of trauma and how it affects you today. 

[00:21:35] What are the similarities and differences between various breathwork techniques? 

[00:23:46] Why would you want to fix your past relationships? 

[00:25:55] How do things in our past affect our feelings of self-worth? 

[00:29:02] Is there a way to tame the need to reach the next best thing? 

[00:31:29] Why this type of work doesn’t do well in a course form. 

[00:34:46] What has Francesca learned from her clients? 

[00:38:21] Francesca shares stories of clients who have changed their lives through breathwork.

[00:41:52] When you’re in breathwork the level of compassion you can have for others is huge. 

[00:45:21] The number one block for people is fear…

[00:47:09] Learn the best way to start taking action toward your future.

[00:50:45] Action creates momentum. 

[00:52:58] You do have the time to practice breathwork. 

[00:57:00] How long does it take to see the effects? 

[00:59:44] Francesca shares her favorite books. 

[01:02:50] What’s next for Francesca? 


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Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday


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