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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

Your genetics play a huge role in your overall health but so too does your epigenetics and overall levels of inflammation and chronic disease. Mike Mallin with Wild Health joins me to chat about their process when working with patients as well as why tracking devices are integral to finding your best life plan.


The doctors and health care providers with Wild Health have spent years researching the role of genetics on overall health. They’ve also been working with their patients to increase overall longevity which is directly related to chronic inflammation. Mike shares their process as well as a personal story which highlights the differences among each of us as humans and why this must be factored into a true health plan.


We then start to discuss health trackers and why continuous glucose monitoring is integral to longevity. There are many health trackers in the world but two of Mike’s favorites are the Oura Ring and WHOOP. Listen to learn why!


Also, contrary to popular belief you can get a continuous glucose monitor in the U.S. with a doctor’s prescription. Your insurance however, may not cover it. That being said, Mike shares why using one of these devices, even if only for a few months, can tell you a lot about your overall health and how to improve it. 


Last but not least we chat a bit about Covid and what Mike would tell his mother to do if she contracted it. At the very least, it makes sense for everyone to get their Vitamin D levels checked. This one supplement has been proven effective in helping to reduce symptoms and increase your chances of stay uninfected. 


Mike shares so many amazing things with us about health, longevity, and why it’s important to understand your own unique makeup. Check the links below if you’d like to become one of Mike’s patients and start to really turn your health around!


In This Episode:

[00:14] Welcome Mike Mallin with Wild Health. 

[01:29] Where do they start when someone comes in and wants to improve their health?

[05:18] Why our genome is responsible for the way we process food and exercise. 

[06:36] Learn more about the process when working with Wild Health. 

[10:06] Mike shares his personal story regarding genetics and epi-genetics. 

[13:46] How did Mike turn his numbers around? 

[16:30] Which supplements should we be using to combat Covid? 

[19:07] Mike shares what he would tell his mother if she contracted Covid. 

[22:02] Why blood clots are more prevalent when someone contracts Covid.

[24:44] What kinds of tracking devices are best for improving their lives? 

[27:28] Are you able to get a continuous glucose monitor in the U.S.? 

[28:24] Why continuous glucose monitoring is so important to longevity.

[32:53] How do you begin to use the glucose monitor and assess the information? 

[35:47] Mike shares some insights he’s learned that were surprising to him. 

[37:59] What kinds of tracking numbers are important to consider? 

[40:43] How the flu was marked by Mike’s Oura Ring and why our tracking devices may show more than we think. 

[42:52] Mike shares his thoughts on the WHO’s most recent Covid information regarding asymptomatic persons. 

[45:38] Blood types may impact your risk of contracting disease. 

[48:03] Why we can’t live in complete quarantine forever. 

[50:02] Mike shares a bit about virology and how they evolve and our reaction to them.* 

[53:03] His thoughts on herd immunity. 

[55:13] What is the asymptomatic percentage looking like based on the information we have now? 

[57:58] Connect with Mike. 


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*Of note, Mike is not a virologist so this is common medical knowledge not information specific to Covid.