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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

Most of the people who have been affected by Covid-19 have a documented history of pre-existing conditions. If you already have pre-existing conditions, then the goal is to live as healthfully as possible and reduce inflammation. 

The true goal however is to never reach that point. Take the time now to start building healthy, positive habits that you can sustain for the rest of your life. 

Jason Sani joins me to discuss a few things but the most important piece is your mindset. What are you doing to encourage a positive mindset each day? 

Obviously some people are predisposed towards having health issues. We dig deep into genetics and the role our genes play in our overall health. However, you don’t have to succumb to the negative thought that predisposition means eventual reality.

What you feed both your mind and your body is what is most important. Listen as we discuss the vitamins and minerals you need to consume for overall health and gut health, the reason you need good sleep, and ways to stay positive in uncertain times. 

We are living through a moment in time that will be remembered throughout history. This moment when the world is paused and values are reassessed. What are you doing to make a better future for yourself now?  

In This Episode:

[02:14] What kinds of changes can you make to boost positivity in this time? 

[05:28] Look at situations as neutral and choose the meaning you give to them. 

[08:02] Coronavirus could potentially save lives because more people are becoming health conscious.

[10:36] The focus should be on being more healthy to avoid developing pre-existing conditions.

[13:45] Now is the time to start working on your mindset. 

[17:31] How does epigenetics impact pre-existing conditions versus our lifestyle choices? 

[21:30] Have fun with the food you’re eating… it’ll help you maintain a positive mindset.

[24:36] Why you should go into DNA testing with an open mind. 

[26:22] Assume that you don’t have the best genetics.

[31:17] The majority of people are deficient in… and you don’t need a genetic test for this.

[33:24] There are so many benefits to making sure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

[35:21] When your cells are healthy, your body is healthy.

[37:34] How does melatonin fit into this mix? 

[39:50] Blocking blue light and getting sunlight in the morning are more natural ways to get better sleep.

[44:06] Most people struggling with the virus are experiencing large amounts of inflammation in their body. 

[45:26] What is Jason doing with food and exercise to keep inflammation down?

[48:59] You need to know how to properly use oils in your diet.

[51:36] Which oils are best for cooking meats? 

[53:56] Avoid cooking your food on high heat. Your food shouldn’t smoke.

[56:15] Start making new habits now that will help you change your life. 

[59:08] Talor shares his two favorite Netflix shows that boost positivity.


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