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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

When you hear the word CrossFit, what do you think? For many that word makes them think of crazy people, but Sean LeFloch is here to share why that’s simply not true. No matter the workout you’re doing, you have to use your body in different ways to get maximum results and that is what he helps you to do. 


Sean digs deeper into the origins of CrossFit and why it is so popular today. One of the most cited reasons is the community that has been built up. When you suffer through something with another person, the bond you build is unbreakable. The CrossFit community is tight knit and he truly believes that it’s that element of suffering that has brought people together. 


If your gym is still closed, there are things you can do at home. Don’t worry if you don’t have weights or equipment, some of the most highly fit athletes in the world do body weight exercises almost exclusively. Think about gymnasts. 

Listen as Sean shares his top exercises to do at home and how you can tailor them to fit your surroundings and lifestyle. Being able to work out in a gym is very important but in the meantime, not letting your workout regimen slip is imperative.

Sean also digs into nutrition and how you can make small changes that drastically impact your health. He doesn’t believe in saying you can or cannot eat certain things, instead he tells you just to make sure you eat certain portions for each meal.

This was an amazing discussion with so much great information shared. If you’ve been struggling with at-home fitness, then take a minute and let Sean help you get back on track. 


In This Episode:

[00:18] Learn how you can stay fit from home.

[01:56] Has Sean’s gym opened back up? 

[04:30] What does Sean say to those who bash Crossfit? 

[07:48] Why the Crossfit community is what sets it apart.

[10:17] How does the Crossfit system work? 

[13:56] Sean shares why functional movement is important but so are your curls. 

[17:00] Do most people start out at 5-days per week? 

[20:32] Why pushing yourself to absolute failure is good and bad. 

[22:43] What 5 workouts can you do at home for the best results? 

[25:51] Hear an in-depth discussion of the man-maker. 

[27:49] How you can mix endurance training with metabolic work while at home. 

[30:20] Learn ways you can keep the fast-twitch movements as you age.

[33:48] Sean shares different explosive movements you can do and how to do them correctly. 

[36:38] You have to know what your goal is before you get started.

[38:23] Learn more about properly approaching your nutrition.

[41:26] Does he have any tips or advice for fixing your diet? 

[44:11] Nutrition does not have to be complicated!

[45:30] How should the elderly approach fitness and nutrition?

[49:21] Connect with Sean.  


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