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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Aug 15, 2018

Have you ever tried a food plan or diet? There are hundreds to choose from, each one following a prescribed set of healthy living rules. Here’s the better question though, did any of them work? Lynee Palacios of Healthy Self Keto is joining me to share about her journey while creating a plant-based keto lifestyle that not only works but continues to provide her and her clients with results.

Lynee is no stranger to healthy meal plans. As a dietitian and nutritionist as well as a former bodybuilder, she is extremely familiar with all the healthy or seemingly healthy diets out there. She had a client as about keto, but because she wasn’t familiar with it, she wanted to dig deeper.

She already knew that excessive animal proteins and fats didn’t work well with her body, so she set out to create a plant-based keto diet. Not only did she succeed but she’s found ways to create delicious and healthy meals for herself and her clients. 

She created Healthy Self Keto to share her new eating plan and then also created Healthy Self Kitchen to create healthful meals for anyone looking to start on this lifestyle change. Listen in as she shares what it took to create the plan, all the benefits she’s reaped since she started, and why neither she nor her clients intend to quit. From no longer struggling with her weight, not being hungry, and no longer having skin issues, she sees no reason why she should quit.

If you’ve been considering going keto, then you won’t want to miss all of Lynee’s advice and golden nuggets of information. 

In This Episode:

[01:37] Welcome Lynee (Laney) Palacios a registered dietitian and naturopathic doctor to discuss a different take on keto.  

[02:56] Learn more about Lynee and her background.

[04:54] How did Lynee get into the Keto space and why did she start a plant-based program? 

[09:25] Learn how Lynee combined a plant-based diet with the Keto process.

[13:17] What are the big results Lynee saw with her Keto plan?

[14:49] Lynee shares what a day of eating and energy looks like on and off a Keto plan.

[18:05] Has she noticed any digestive complaints from herself or her clients? 

[20:29] Listen as Lynee reveals a normal meal plan. 

[24:03] How can this be tailored for someone who is trying to keep muscle on? 

[25:46] Who should try this type of diet? 

[27:31] Is this easily modified if you tend to eat out a couple of times per week? 

[30:02] Can you still have a drink and stay in ketosis? 

[31:29] What does the start of the diet look like? Can you avoid the keto-flu? 

[34:57] Why mornings are so important for setting up your day.

[36:38] Does Lynee put anything specific in her water?
[38:39] Connect with Lynee.

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