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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Aug 8, 2018

Living a healthy life means understanding how you can positively impact your stress and energy levels through diet, exercise, and good sleep habits. Jason Sani joins me to share his tips and tricks for building consistent energy stores and why your mindset is the key. Listen in to hear how food, sleep, and exercise impact your overall health and you can start making changes today.


Few people realize how much of an energy drain eating food and then digesting it is on the body. You have over 20 feet of intestines in your body working to process the foods you eat. That is a lot of tissue your body has to power just to properly use the fuel you provide to it. This is just one of the many reasons that eating a healthy diet is paramount to good health.


Something to keep in mind is that the food we eat today is nothing like the food we ate even 20 years ago. You may find that the food you’ve eaten your entire life is the cause of your lack of energy. The first step to understanding how what you eat affects your life is to start a food journal and keep track of everything you’re eating.


Even if you can only journal a few days at a time, this practice will open your eyes to how much you’re eating and which foods drain your energy.


Sleep and exercise go hand in hand with helping to boost your energy levels. People today tend to get less and less sleep and this has been directly correlated with the increasing number of Alzheimer’s diagnoses. Set yourself up for success by creating a bedtime routine you can stick to and stick to it. Your body needs periods of rest to regenerate and build cells. Give it the time it needs.


Exercise boosts energy in multiple ways. First, you experience the endorphins and focus that comes with getting in a good work out. Then your body continues to function at a higher level because the more you move and the stronger you are, the more energy you have. You can also multi-task during your workouts and listen to books or podcasts. Work your body and mind at the same time to sustain higher levels of energy.


Jason shares some amazing tips and advice during our discussion that will help you get started on the path to a healthier life today. Listen in and let us know how these tips help you.


In This Episode:

[01:15] Jason Sani joins Talor to discuss increasing mental and physical energy.

[02:17] Meet Jason and hear his take on the gift we’ve been given of our bodies.

[03:57] Listen as Jason shares his advice on increasing energy through nutrition.

[06:46] Learn how tightly related our digestive system and energy level are.

[08:06] What kinds of foods can you remove from your diet to boost energy?

[12:19] Jason gives action steps for increasing your awareness of the food you consume.

[14:01] How health shaming affects your relationship with food.

[16:58] It is important to note that the food we are eating now versus 20 years ago is very different. 

[19:49] Exercise is extremely important for keeping energy levels up.

[23:41] Learn how you can multitask with your exercise time.

[25:16] If you make exercise a part of your daily routine, then you’ll always have time. Something is better than nothing.

[28:29] Why you shouldn’t allow the process of aging to keep you from staying fit and active.

[32:37] Reflect on what you’re doing throughout the day and see what drains you and what energizes you.

[35:02] Jason shares how you can get started with an exercise routine. 

[39:05] Strength training, long-distance cardio, etc. what does Jason recommend? 

[42:29] Build a routine to get better quality sleep.

[46:26] Understand how sleep affects all aspects of your body and health and take the time to journal about the quality of sleep you’re getting.

[49:10] How you can use hot/cold showers to increase energy and build better sleep habits.

[50:51] Learn why your mental state has a heavy impact on your health and energy.

[54:42] What are some actions you can take to reduce your stress levels? 

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