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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

Intuitive eating is a philosophy of eating that makes you the expert on your body and its hunger signals. Essentially, it’s the opposite of a traditional diet. It doesn’t impose guidelines about what to avoid and what or when to eat. Instead, it teaches that you are the best person — the only person — to make those choices.


Today my good friend, Yuli Azarch, the CEO and Co-Founder of, joins me to talk about how he turned his health around through cleansing, intuitive eating, and protecting his mind and emotions. He also shares how you can improve your health by shifting to healthy habits daily.


Yuli Azarch is a serial internet entrepreneur and world traveler. He has been traveling around the world for five years with his wife. And he runs a few million-dollar businesses. He aims to run an 8-figure business at the age of 30 and do it all remotely while traveling.

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In this Episode:

[1:07] Yuli’s background and how he started his health journey

[5:39] How he lives by being more intuitive about his health

[12:20] The cleanses he recommends people to do

[16:37] Testing and filtering water

[23:59] How he buys water as a digital nomad

[25:55] What is the internal work he’s done that helped his health

[39:56] On taking time and space for himself

[43:54] How does he handle taking time for others as well?

[49:57] Being less reactive for yourself and other people

[54:00] Outro


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