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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Jun 9, 2022

The body is a vehicle for the mind, and the first step is understanding what’s possible. It is imperative to have a certain mindset focused on a positive direction. This will help us achieve our significant goals in life and maintain a healthy mindset that ultimately takes us on the path of healthy living.


In today’s episode, the Founder and CEO of M Perform, Marcus MacKay joins me to talk about the importance of a positive mindset and having a clear vision for your health goals. He also shares how having negative self-talk and beliefs can have a large impact and even hold you back from getting your health back.


Marcus has a ten-year track record as an award-winning coach, master trainer, and fitness leader in the field of health and wellness coaching. While leading Equinox Toronto for back-to-back Personal Training Club of the Year awards (2017/2018), he was responsible for managing 40 trainers and 500+ client programs monthly.


Connect with Marcus at:




In This Episode:

[0:49] Marcus’ background and how he started

[2:17] The mental aspect of what Marcus does and teaches

[7:39] Language and working with his clients

[9:15] Marcus’ advice for people struggling to start

[13:16] On what they do at M Perform

[16:59] Lack of education leads to bad nutrition

[20:27] Shifting to healthier options

[23:27] Coaching mindset instead of skillset

[27:43] How do you get clear on your vision?

[34:21] Who’s the inspiration leader in your life?

[36:33] Where you can find Marcus

[39:31] Outro


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