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Peak Performance Life Podcast

May 19, 2022

There is no doubt that physical fitness is important in every person's life. It helps avoid many diseases and health problems by exercising regularly. However, most people disregard this fact and make unending excuses until the realization hits them, possibly a little too late.


In today’s episode, I am joined by Jason Sani to talk about the importance of mobility and physical fitness in our lives. He also shares tips on workout routines and fitness snacks that could work for you. He has been on this podcast in the past, so I’m excited to learn more from him.


Jason Sani is a CrossFit athlete, entrepreneur, culinary nutritionist, and fitness guru. He found a passion for fitness through playing sports such as football and baseball. These sports were an outlet for him to make friends and learn life skills.


Connect with Jason at:





Show notes:

[1:21] What’s new with Jason?

[5:40] Jason’s recommendation for mobility workouts and resources

[12:54] Maximizing breaks for doing mobility

[15:22] On new weightlifting routines

[26:50] What’s the minimum amount of times a week to train?

[33:36] The benefits of hiring a trainer

[37:19] The importance of investing in your health

[40:26] What’s does Jason’s diet look like?

[51:00] Where to find more of Jason



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