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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Jun 17, 2021

Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes, obesity, or weight gain? Are your joints in a state of constan inflammation? Are you not getting relief from traditional western medicine for your chronic illness? Ben Azadi is the founder of Keto Kamp and author of the book Keto Flex and an expert on all things keto. Today, we’ll deep dive into details of how to successfully implement the keto diet and the anti-inflammatory benefits of keto, which create a more healthy you!


Growing up on fast food, video games, and an unhealthy lifestyle, Ben found himself an obese adult weighing 250 pounds. In addition to being physically obese, he talks about himself as being “mentally obese” he was at rock bottom, searching for ways to end his life. “I knew I had to get my act back together. I felt broken, my health was in decline at 24 years old.”


Reading books and researching healthy living, Ben realized he had to take responsibility and ownership for the state of his health. By reversing his victim mentality, Ben was able to take control of his life and own his state of being. Nine months later, he had reduced his weight to a healthy 175 pounds.


Listen as Ben shares his healthy lifestyle journey and why he’s an advocate for the keto diet. Learn why keto is categorized as a metabolic process, how keto can lower the chronic inflammation in your body and the stages of the keto diet and how these stages progress you through your keto journey.


In This Episode:

[01:21] Ben talks about his lifestyle history and the unhealthy foods he was eating growing up.

[03:10] The importance of carving out a “mental six pack” to continue on his health journey.

[05:15] Anti-inflammatory benefits when you eat a keto diet.

[06:51] Foundations and basics of a keto diet. 

[09:11] Using keto and the state of ketosis to switch over to burning fat.

[11:23] How Ben’s clients have reversed type 2 diabetes on the keto diet.

[14:02] First steps to take when starting a keto diet.

[17:22] Types of bad fats which lead to chronic inflammation.

[23:46] Macro breakdown of the keto diet.

[25:33] The difference between calories and quality calories.

[27:54] Getting healthy is about hormones and their interaction with your metabolic system.

[32:00] Negative health effects of chemical-based sugar substitutes.

[34:37] High cholesterol can sometimes be fueled by high inflammation.

[37:06] Basic keto foods and meals to kickstart your keto diet.

[39:40] Moving in and out of ketosis and the benefits of metabolic flexibility.


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