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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Aug 5, 2020

If you work out and are moving your body, eating a high fat diet will likely NOT make you fat. Of course I can only speak from my experience and the experience of others as every person has a different genetic makeup, but eating fat does not make you fat. There are plenty of high fat foods that are integral to good health. 

Contrary to popular belief, simply counting your calories will not lead to optimal health or weight loss because not all calories are created equal. I remember a friend of mine was counting calories and sent back food at a restaurant because it had extra virgin olive oil on it. EVOO is wonderful for your body and your health, but he’d had two Coke Zero’s that day and didn’t have room for the extra calories in his diet. 

You see, calorie counting makes sense if you’re counting your other macros as well. All of this being said, I wanted to share which high fat foods I consume every day, why, and why they are so important to you. I even have my kids eating much of this daily because the oils and fats that we eat are amazing for their brain health. 

Listen as I share why eating grass fed butter or ghee, C8MCT oil, fish oil, krill oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, and high heat avocado oil is essential to good health (no matter what kind of diet you’re on.) Eating good healthy foods is the key to overall health, pain reduction, and weight loss. Don’t get caught up in counting the numbers without understanding the actual food that you’re eating.

In This Episode:

[00:24] The supplements you need to be sure you have plenty of during this pandemic. 

[02:55] If you’re older you’ve probably seen some crazy diet recommendations over the years. 

[03:30] My focus is on longevity over building huge muscles. 

[05:04] Lowering inflammation in your body goes hand in hand with longevity.

[07:00] We’ve been taught that high fat foods are bad for you, but is that true? 

[08:30] What does cause your body to put on fat? 

[11:26] Why oatmeal is not necessarily ideal for good health.

[12:02] Learn more about the Keto Diet. 

[13:17] How does that apply to achieving a caloric deficit? 

[15:14] Which healthy fats should you be eating every day? 

[18:27] You can still eat carbs when eating a high fat diet. 

[20:42] Why you should be consuming grass fed butter or ghee and C8 MCT oil. 

[22:57] Organic extra virgin olive oil is amazing for reducing inflammation.

[27:01] Don’t forget to take fish oil or krill oil with high levels of EPA and DHA.

[29:23] Why omega 3 is so important for children. 

[31:51] Use a high heat avocado oil for cooking.

[33:27] Eating fat will not make you fat. 

[35:56] Not every calorie is made equal.

[38:25] Keto is not a long-term plan and always consult with a nutritionist before making a huge dietary change.


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