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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Jul 2, 2020

One thing that not a lot of health professionals talk about is toxins. Toxins permeate our lives, our world, and the products and food that we eat every day. Which is why we have to become more aware of them. Lara Adler is a certified health coach who has dedicated her life to researching and helping others understand the toxins they come in contact with every day. 


So where do you come in contact with toxins? Almost everywhere. You can find toxins in your beauty products, the cookware you use, the household cleaners under you sink. Almost everywhere. Listen as Lara shares the things that you should look out for when you look to purchase your next round of products.


The one toxin that is easily removed from your household is phthalates. You’ll never see this on an ingredients label but it is used to boost fragrances. So if you start looking for fragrance free cleaners and soaps, you’ll be well on your way to reducing your toxic load.


Another thing to keep in mind is flame retardants in your furniture. The laws have changed in recent years, but if you have older furniture, it may be time to buy something new. Flame retardants are highly toxic and are released as your couch cushions and mattresses break down. 

There are so many areas that toxins invade our lives. Listen to learn how you can start evaluating the products you buy and make smarter purchasing decisions. 


In This Episode:

[00:22] Welcome Lara Adler to discuss environmental toxins. 

[01:17] Learn more about Lara’s background and why she started studying toxins. 

[07:13] What are some of the worst products on the toxicity scale? 

[09:51] Where can you find phthalates and why are they so harmful? 

[13:24] Indoor air quality has been found to be significantly worse than outdoor quality. 

[16:10] Phthalates merge with house dust causing serious problems for your family and pets. 

[19:14] Are air purifiers helpful?

[22:44] How can you find out more about the furniture you purchase? 

[25:40] Why self-extinguishing cigarettes resulted in flame retardants in furniture materials. 

[29:35] Ironically, flame retardants have never worked because the chemicals are not on the outside of the furniture. 

[32:03] Which pillows are the best to purchase? 

[34:46] Are there toxins in your food and cookware? 

[36:48] Why lawsuits against chemical manufacturers are almost impossible. 

[39:31] What should you be on the lookout for with your cookware? 

[43:20] There are no requirements for manufacturers to disclose how their cookware products are made. 

[46:55] Why carbon steel and glass are ideal.

[48:05] What sorts of things should we look out for in personal care products? 

[53:19] Connect with Lara.


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