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Peak Performance Life Podcast

May 26, 2020

Our brains are incredible organs but sometimes we need to give them new programming. That’s what Dr. Andrew Hill does with his patients. He has spent his life and career understanding the brain’s patterns and the best way to help undo the unwanted ones. 


Using brain mapping along with neurofeedback stimulus, Dr. Hill has helped thousands of people overcome addiction, trauma, and a host of other neurological problems. Everything from experiencing early age trauma to the repercussions of ADHD and OCD has been able to be corrected through his program. 


First, he completes a thorough history and checkup. Then you go through the process of brain mapping. The brain map itself is not a diagnostic, but when used while asking deeper questions, several brain patterns can be found. 


The next step is retraining the brain through neurofeedback. 


Listen in as we chat all about the brain and why you might need or want to look into brain mapping and neurofeedback. Dr. Hill also shares some of his key pointers for getting better sleep. 


In This Episode:

[01:45] What is brain mapping and why should we do it? 

[04:57] How to interpret the brain scans. 

[09:06] Learn more about the process of having a brain map done. 

[13:05] Nothing found necessarily means that there is something wrong with you and brain training can help increase deficits.

[16:30] How compulsions affect us all. 

[18:26] What is neuro-feedback and how is it used to change brain function? 

[21:26] Learn more about the process of going through neurofeedback realignment. 

[25:40] Peak Brains has a new program allowing open ended access to your brain information and updates. 

[29:29] It’s amazing how much your brain changes when you train it. 

[32:17] Are mindfulness and meditation a part of the process or separate? 

[37:08] Everyone sees a sleep benefit from using neurofeedback. 

[40:49] Where can you find Dr. Hill’s offices? 

[42:54] Outside of neurofeedback, how else can you change your brain?

[46:26] The best ways to get better sleep. 

[52:07] Why the Biostrap is one of the best overall tracking. 

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