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Peak Performance Life Podcast

May 19, 2020

Ronnie Landis has been studying holistic health and immunity for years. His insights on all things health and immunity related are invaluable and I’m honored that he is here to discuss the state of the world and health for this podcast.

We chat about everything from maintaining a healthy mindset to what is really killing people in this pandemic. Ronnie has been studying health and the body’s reaction to various stimuli for years.

He’s participated in all kinds of healthy diets and has recently switched from a fully vegan lifestyle to one that incorporates sustainably maintained meats. He shares why he made that transition and the reasons that he still loves a fully vegan meal plan. 

Additionally, Ronnie talks about the power of clean water within our natural biome. So many people have been cured of a variety of ailments simply by ingesting cleaner water. 

So many amazing topics are covered in this conversation and many that pertain to the current crisis of 2020. Listen in to learn how you can prepare you body for future crises through clean eating and thought. 


In This Episode:

[00:00:51] Welcome Ronnie Landis to the show discussing holistic health and immunity.

[00:01:20] What does holistic health mean to Ronnie? 

[00:06:19] How has Ronnie helped his clients overcome the non-food related issues with their health?

[00:07:29] Specifically with regard to Coronavirus.

[00:10:28] Why it’s important to ward off the viral infection of fear. 

[00:13:49] Would so many people be getting sick if the media wasn’t spreading so much fear? 

[00:17:17] What is terrain theory versus germ theory? 

[00:21:55] How cancer treatments work and what they mean for the ecosystem of your body? 

[00:26:28] Why antibiotics and mercury impact your microbiome. 

[00:31:31] What can you do to boost your health right now? 

[00:35:10] How can you leverage this time through being of service? 

[00:36:56] Nobody dies of a virus… they die of other weaknesses in the body. 

[00:39:58] There is a monetary incentive for doctors to diagnose certain diseases….

[00:44:31] Ronnie defines human domestication.

[00:50:37] Hear Ronnie’s thoughts on clean water.

[00:55:19] Use Himalyan rock salt and sea salt to remineralize your water.

[00:57:21] Plastic bottled water versus RO spring water? 

[01:02:38] Why raw food diets are amazing for the body but veganism is not necessary. 

[01:09:00] The type of meat that you eat matters, but eating meat does not directly impact the environment. 

[01:11:45] How veganism impacts your identity and why that’s harmful. 

[01:15:41] Listen to a quick recap of this episode and everything we’ve learned. 

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