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Peak Performance Life Podcast

May 5, 2020

Yuli Azarch was recently on the show to chat about EMF and how it affects the body, but he’s also an amazing biohacker. I wanted to have him back to chat about his views on fueling the body and what he does to stay in peak mental and physical condition. 

First off, Yuli did experience a time early on in life when he lost his health. He is very dedicated to studying his body’s reactions to various foods and supplements to be sure that he is only ever giving it the very best. 

This led him to start wearing a continuous glucose monitor. Along with having a fear of developing diabetes because his brother has it, he also wanted to know exactly how his body reacted to various foods.

It was through that process that he realized he was right about how his body handles carbs. He has now almost completely eliminated carbs from his diet. But that isn’t all he’s done. 

Due to his wife’s high heavy metal toxicity and subsequent detox, he is also very conscious of the types of meats and vegetables he eats. Listen in to hear why he doesn’t eat much fish and why most nuts no longer fit into his diet either.

So many people still ascribe to the need to eat three meals a day, but Yuli and I both agree that when you’re eating super clean and eating the right things for your body specifically, you’ll need less food. 

Listen in to hear all of Yuri’s amazing tips on reducing your heavy metal levels and why you really need to monitor your own body’s reactions to certain foods. We are all very different, so hearing how food affects us may be the complete opposite to how it affects you!


In This Episode:

[02:52] Welcome back Yuli Azarch to dig into biohacking and continuous glucose monitoring. 

[04:01] What is a continuous glucose monitor and why would you use it? 

[07:02] Yuli shares what he learned about his body by using the monitor. 

[10:33] When you eat clean you don’t get blood sugar cravings… which means you eat less.

[12:14] Hear what Yuri says about the cause of being “hangry.”

[14:46] Eliminating mental fog and increasing your energy is the key to success. 

[17:36] It’s good to note that everyone is different. Investigate your own body reactions to carbs.

[20:49] Listen as Yuli shares his no-go foods and what he does eat every day.

[26:12] What are Yuli’s favorite vegetables? 

[29:52] How big of a problem is the intake of heavy metals? 

[31:43] Detoxing heavy metals varies based on the level of toxicity.

[33:23] What are the best things that you can do to reduce heavy metals in the body? 

[36:03] The supplements you can take to reduce heavy metals are…

[39:59] Your emotions and your thoughts can mean the difference between sickness and health.

[43:35] There is a reason I don’t watch a bunch of violent shows and movies.

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