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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Apr 16, 2024

Show notes:

(2:24) The basics of HRV

(5:55) HRV and overall health

(14:01) Factors that influence HRV

(18:36) Exercises that are beneficial to HRV

(22:03) Managing stress for better HRV

(30:57) HRV and training readiness

(35:03) Activities that impact HRV

(37:57) Stress response and optimizing HRV

(40:46) Where to find Dr. Faero

(42:10) Outro


Who is Dr. Torkil Faero?

Torkil is the driving force behind the book The Pulse Cure and the social website


He is a general practitioner and emergency doctor, documentary filmmaker, author, photographer and globetrotter. As a medical student, he was the first to go abroad for Norwegian Doctors Without Borders when he worked in war-torn Angola in 1996. Through 25 years as a freelance doctor, he has worked in municipalities all over the country, had tens of thousands of consultations and gained a unique picture of the diseases that plague us. He has learned that the cause is most often found in a lifestyle that stresses our body. He wanted to do something about that.


Torkil is concerned with how we can get the most out of life. In the book The Pulse Cure, he explains step by step how we can use the heart rate monitor or the smartphone to get to know our own body better and gain better control of the stress balance and the autonomic nervous system.


Torkil himself has been given a new life by making several smart lifestyle changes. His hope is that everyone who wants better health and more energy to live life to the fullest will benefit from the measures he himself enjoys so much. He also has a big wish for the healthcare system: That it works preventively to a much greater extent and provides help for self-help than is the case today.


Torkil Færø is also an award-winning photographer who has published photography art books, held exhibitions, and held photography workshops in many countries. He is an enthusiastic long-distance walker and has made the NRK films about pilgrimages to Nidaros and Santiago de Compostela. In his previous book, THE CAMERA CURE, he combined medical and photographic knowledge into a unique book about therapeutic photography, where coping with life is combined with taking good pictures. Faero has traveled by backpack, bicycle, motorbike, kayak, boat, and car in over 80 countries and speaks eight languages. Torkil is married to Tone, who is also part of the team at Pulskuren.


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