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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Apr 2, 2020

I have been asked by many of you how I’m prepping my body in case I get the virus. Honestly though, it’s more about just sticking with your healthy habits. I’m sharing my diet, supplement routine, and why I’m taking it easy on my workouts. 

My own personal history prepared me in the best way for this pandemic. After dealing with extreme inflammation several years ago, I made huge dietary changes that I have maintained since. I eat a very anti-inflammatory diet which is what we all need right now. 

My supplement routine hasn’t changed much either. With increased time inside, I have upped the amount of vitamin D that I take and I’ve added in quercetin, but other than that I’m taking my regular supplement regimen. Listen in as I share exactly what that is. 

Scientists have now found that the virus thrives in bodies that are already high in inflammation. Take every precaution to remove inflammation. Don’t drink alcohol, remove sugars, stop buying processed pastas and breads. Try to eat as healthfully as possible during this time. 

Also, don’t make it a point to kill yourself in your workouts. It’s important to keep moving but now is not the time to be maxing out every single day. All that will do is break you down when you need to be at your peak.
For me personally, not much has changed with regard to my diet, exercise, or supplements, but if you haven’t already started on an anti-inflammatory meal plan, now is the time. 


In This Episode:

[01:10] While Talor is not a doctor, he has been asked to share what he’s doing to prepare his body during this time. 

[03:08] What is a cytokine storm and why is it so important to reduce inflammation?

[04:31] Learn some of the biggest mistakes you can make in this time. 

[08:06] Take it easy on yourself. This stressful time can predispose you to sickness.

[09:07] Do things that make you feel better. 

[12:03] Light exercise is the smart thing. Don’t start maxing out.

[14:10] When it comes to food, eat a low inflammatory diet. 

[15:55] Why Talor is just doing more of the same to stay healthy.

[17:27] Which supplements should you be taking? 

[19:59] Talor shares why mushrooms are great for immune support.

[21:09] A few thoughts on vitamin C.

[24:10] Now is the time to lose weight, not gain it. How can you turn a negative into a positive?


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