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Peak Performance Life Podcast

Feb 20, 2020

When you’re in pain and are lacking energy, it is hard to consider that the issue may lie within your body. Here to discuss his health journey is Ashley Thompson who had multiple genetic pre-dispositions toward having a hard health road. He shares what his life was like before making some huge health changes, how you can work to change your mindset, and what life looks like today.

Ashley’s life changed when he got back the results of a genetic screen he’d opted into. He found that his body was genetically unable to process stress hormones efficiently while also being inefficient at creating energy. Not only could he not get too worked up about things, he also had trouble building up his energy stores.

Once he learned about these issues he started researching how he could boost his energy levels. This led him on a long health journey that has resulted in him completely changing his eating and sleeping habits. Fast-forward to now and he’s dealing with the results of Lyme disease and mold toxicity. 

His journey is not over but the habits and mindset work he has built over the years has given him sure footing to get through this next hurdle. He shares what his daily sleep routine looks like now and how his diet has affected more than just his weight and sleep. 

Everything you put in your body has a purpose. Listen in as both Ashley and I share how eating clean and finding the right diet for our bodies has completely changed our lives. 

In This Episode:

[00:02:35] Welcome Ashley Thompson an entrepreneur who has experienced several health challenges that he has overcome. 

[00:05:31] Learn more about Ashley’s background. 

[00:08:44] The harder you work the luckier you get. Learn how Ashley found out about the gene mutation that affects his health.

[00:10:27] Ashley doesn’t break down the stress hormone well and his body isn’t as efficient at creating and recycling energy.

[00:12:11] How staying up late because he couldn’t sleep and then waking up late and not getting his morning sun worked against his genetic deficiencies.

[00:14:38] Learn how Ashley coped with his insomnia over the years. 

[00:17:32] He’s currently dealing with a mold issue, so he needs to find a more natural environment to live in.

[00:20:26] What advice does Ashley give those that live in the colder, gloomier areas of the world to get additional sunlight?

[00:22:10] Ashley shares how he managed his insomnia over the years.

[00:24:58] Why he started incorporating supplements to boost the results of his other efforts in bringing down is inflammation.

[00:26:29] How removing bread, sugar, and alcohol works best for Talor. Even when he eats a hamburger. 

[00:29:06] Ashley chats about the societal pressures we feel to continue to consume things that are bad for us.

[00:31:27] The more Talor spends on high-quality food, the more money he makes and why you should pay attention to what you purchase.

[00:33:30] How did Talor approach dealing with his inflammation?
[00:35:29] He first started looking for a solution outside of his person.

[00:37:13] Learn more about Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno and how it affected Talor’s healing.

[00:39:49] This is when he started looking internally for solutions to his pain to include fixing his diet, practicing meditation and gratitude, and breathwork. 

[00:41:23] Why Dr. Sarno told Talor to go back to full activity.

[00:42:47] Ashley also spends time to sit and think rather than feeling guilty for not simply taking action.

[00:45:28] Get out of your head and do big picture thinking to set yourself up for success.

[00:47:31] Despite the fact that Talor spends the first 5 hours of his day not working, he continues to be successful. Learn why.

[00:49:04] Ashely shares his Keto story and why he did it for too long.

[00:51:10] With all the bio-individualization, you have to try different things to see how they work for you.

[00:52:06] Hear Ashley’s tips for handling sleeping issues. 

[00:55:11] Why his diet makes a huge difference in his sleep cycle.

[00:57:41] Stop using your phone and laptop in the evenings. Learn why.

[00:59:13] He also filters his water with a LivePristine which has helped his sleep as well.

[01:01:42] How did Ashley find out that he had mold toxicity and possible Lyme disease?

[01:04:11] Ashley shares why he has had trouble working out.

[01:07:08] There is way too much out there about blanket solutions for everyone. Each person is different and has different dietary needs.

[01:09:25] Why Ashley is not concerned about the long road ahead of him.

[01:11:36] If you’re in a struggle and feeling like you’re experiencing the worst thing ever, then know that a big change is coming and it can be a good thing for you.

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