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Peak Performance Life Podcast

May 25, 2019

In this era of toxic masculinity, it’s nice to find a strong, able-bodied man who is willing and able to connect with his feelings. Beau Ash is a former military man turned vegan yogi, but he’s always been in tune with his emotions. Listen in as we discuss mindset, breathwork, and why he turned vegan.

Beau was surrounded by strong men when he was growing up. His family owned and operated a farm and all of the men were very manly men, but his grandfather was a manly-man who was perfectly comfortable sharing his emotions. It was this influence that helped Beau maintain his emotional security even while pursuing the military.

When he left the military, he was somewhat adrift. He didn’t want to work in corporate, but he had to make money. He got into yoga and won a scholarship that allowed him to become certified. He hasn’t looked back since. 

Beau shares why he turned to a plant-based lifestyle as well as how he makes it work with his large frame and Crossfit training. What you put in your body is not solely a personal choice. What you eat and choose to consume impacts the world because your choices dictate the nature of the food that is grown and harvested. 

He chose to start eating a plant-based diet to eat more responsibly but kept doing it because he realized the true health benefits. Beau shares how he got started and his tips for people who are looking to make big changes in their life and help but have no clue how to get started. 

This is definitely an episode you won’t want to miss!


In This Episode:

[01:53] Welcome Beau Ash to the show and learn about his background and accomplishments.

[05:35] Why shoes make a difference in marathon running.

[07:54] What has moved Beau out of his comfort zone and helped him build mental fortitude? 

[11:37] How does Beau remind himself to practice having more substantial conversations? 

[14:15] When and why did Beau get involved in Yoga? 

[16:16] Beau reflects on how Yoga helped him cope with his background.

[20:20] Why people end up staying in the military or go into a corporate and why Beau went the complete opposite direction.

[24:23] Beau shares why he joined the military. 

[31:09] How can someone get started with becoming more in tune with their emotions? 

[34:16] Learn why Beau started on a plant-based diet and how it has affected his life.

[40:26] Relating to your old-self can bring you down. Listen as Beau shares how he’s thrived on a plant-based diet.

[42:21] Beau shares tips and tricks to help you get started on making changes in your life. 

[48:51] One more tip for you about protecting and using your breath.

[52:45] Why you need to change the words you use to describe your existence.

[56:22] How you can center yourself and immerse yourself in the moment.

[57:07] Connect with Beau.


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